Thursday, September 13, 2007

23 things wrap up

Well, I finally finished, Yippee!

I know I will continue to use LibraryThing, wikis, and the downloadable audio books. I also think the online word processing is great. I don't share others' enthusiasm for YouTube, Flickr, avatars, etc. because I tend to use computers for work only; I'm not one who ever "plays" in front of a screen - I've never even played online card games or any other kind of game on a computer, for example.

I'm glad I had to do this (well, I guess I didn't actually HAVE to, but I felt like I should), because many of these 23 things I woudn't have learned about on my own, or at least not as soon, and these are definitely things I should be familiar with. I did get a little frustrated initially, but it seemed to get easier as I went along, probably because I was becoming more familiar with the process. So, while some days I might have cursed you (silently!), thank you Irmgarde and Maurice for putting this training together. I did learn a lot.


beginningquilts said...

Congratulations---after all the Saturday effort you put into this, its good to know you hit the finish line. Heidi

HCPL WebMaster said...

Mostly... thank YOU. You hung in there and I think it's great that you found the things that will be useful to you and you can now, with knowledge, let the other things go. But... just think, when a customer comes up and has a question about one of these, you'll have a much better answer! :-)

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